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About the Club

The Club is created for Tomica fans all around the world.

The Tomica Fan Club (TFC) bulletin board was initially registered on 5 December 2008 with Freeforums following feedback that the FlickR service was cumbersome and not suited for members' interaction.  By 29 November 2009, TFC had registered its 241st member and soon it was time to consider the future.  Another move was on the cards and the current home comes with an easy-to-remember url with no ads.  The objective however, remains the same.  We now welcome all members on board to the new base.

What's In For You :thumb:

Essentially, we are a group of miniature car collectors gathered from all over the globe.  We are forward-looking with over 200 members (at time of writing) and growing.  Our diverse community comprises of members from places like Austria, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, United States of America and others.  By providing a common platform for like-minded collectors to meet and discuss, we hope more friendships will be formed and TFC will be the place to relax and share their hobbies.

How Do I Begin? :typing:

Registration for membership grants access to several other sections of TFC.  e.g. "Garage Sales" - where a number of members completed international trades, "Members' Collection" - pictorial gallery of members' collection among others.  It takes a quick moment to complete the process so register today!  :thumb:

Looking for Help?  :wonder2:

Need help navigating TFC, or have questions concerning features or rules?
Please refer to the the following guides for further information:
Using and Navigating the Forums
Forum Etiquette

Open invitation from Toyotageek for Non-Members.

Some of you may have already noticed something a little different about TFC. Since you are reading this, you are probably aware of our Visitors & Guests Section.

TFC founder Starscream has opened portions of TFC to non-members. This way, visitors and guests can get a preview of the site, before they decide to join. Participation in discussions still requires registration & membership, but opening up portions of the site for everyone to view should improve our recruiting efforts!

Joing the Tomica Fan Club will provide the full range of benefits. If you are not yet a member, please join now!

Non-members have limited access to to TFC, and can only view a few of our topics, including the database.

To see all we have to offer, including topics on New Releases, please register & join TFC today! Once you join, you will be able to participate in discusions and share your Tomica passion with other collectors!

So, go forth Tomica Fans, and help spread the word - invite any and all Tomica enthusiasts to stop by, check us out, and JOIN!  :yeah:


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